Abrasive & Finishing

Abrasive Discs & Finishing

RECA ultra Thin Metal Cutting Discs

RECAF1 Range gives ultimate performance on either steel or stainless steel.

Speed of cut: the F1 range offers excellent performance and effortless cutting.

Durability: the abrasive grains evenly cover the disc surface, providing maximum performance.

Manufactured to the highest safety approvals: OSA approved.

An ultra thin wheel for ferrous metal such as mild steel, giving excellent cutting performance and life. Fast, cool cuts in thin profiles, pipes, box section and sheet metal.

Contains no impurities such as iron, sulphur or chlorine that can contaminate stainless. Super fast low heat cutting in stainless.

RECA A1 2-in-1 for Steel or Stainless Steel

A RECA combination cutting discs giving excellent all round performance in either steel or stainless steel. Fast cool cuts in thin profiles, pipes, box section and sheet material.

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