Heavy & Light Duty Anchors

Plastic Plugs

Plastic Plugs are universal fixings for all lightweight applications into solid base materials and when used in conjunction with woodscrews form a traditional fixing for all trades. Tough and durable. Supplied in strips of ten with information on drill and screw sizes. Plugs come with standard colour coding for simple selection.

Pipe Clips

Popular Lock or Open type pipe clip for quick and simple securing of copper pipe. Specifically designed in high-heat stabilised polypropylene. Provides secure and durable retention of small bore water piping at working temperatures of up to 110°C. Both types come with double clip options thus providing parallel pipe runs.

Also available

Hammer Screws, Metal Nail In Anchors, Nylon Plugs, Nylon Frame Anchors, Prodiva, Eco Screws, Masonry Nails, Cartridge Tool Nails, Blind Rivets, Plas Pins & Nails, Rivet Tools, Rivet Nuts, Cable Ties & Cable Clips.

RECA Rapid Resin

Rechem polyester resin system is designed­ for anchoring studs, re-bars, etc to most masonry­ base materials whether solid or hollow­. The two parts are stored separately in the cartridge and mixed together in the nozzle on application. Rechem resin gives high tensile strengths when cured and it also allows fittings to be placed closer­ to edges and each other and can be used with any size stud or bar.


Throughbolts are a highly effective through fixing for concrete. Suitable for most fixing, anchoring and holding down applications in concrete. Manufactured from 500NM carbon steel. Wide range from M6 to M20 with lengths from 50 to 220mm. All anchors are pre-assembled and are zinc plated steel.

Also available

Styrene Free, Epoxy Acrylate, Chubpac300 Chemical Mortar, Pourable Resin, Chemical Anchor Capsules, Zinc Studs, A2 Stainless Steel Studs & Accessories.

Wire Hangers, Bolt Type Shield Anchors, Stud Type Shield Anchors, Hammerset Anchors, Stud Sleeve Anchors, Hex Bolt Sleeve Anchors, MKT High Load Anchors, Probrolly – Cavity Fixings, Thunderbolts