Fixings & Fasteners

Fixings & Fasteners

Timber Screws

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Hexagon Nuts

Full nut with metric coarse thread. Available in: Steel - Bright Zinc Din 934-8, Steel - Self Colour Din 934-10 & Stainless Steel A2-70 Din 934.

RECA sebS - Self Drilling Screws

RECA sebS give optimal drilling performance due to their exact drill diameter and thread. They are manufactured within tight tolerance limits which result in smoother, easier installation and a secure joint between the two materials.

Forged Drill Tip: In comparison to the milled drill heads on conventional self drilling screws, the head of the RECA sebS are forged. This results in a noticeably better material structure of the tip which gives a faster and more stable fixing.

Benefits: Faster than any twist drill, less equipment and less operations meaning a reduction of assembly cost by 50%.

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Flat Washers

A standard washer for general assembly work.

DIN 125, Steel, Bright Zinc Plated.

DIN 125 A2-70, Stainless Steel.

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