HSS Drills

HSS Drills

RECA offer a full range of HSS drill bits, all are ground flute and manufactured from 100% high quality blanks. A point angle of 118° ensures pinpoint accuracy on many surfaces and a diameter tolerance of h8 guarantees quality and precision.

Made from top-quality, high-speed steel, giving a much longer tool life. Ground from a single piece of high-speed steel, this reduces breaking, blunting and considerably outlasts Carbon and Rolled Drills. Suitable for use on most metals, plastics and wood.

Wide range of metric sizes and types for varied applications. Drills with diameters of 13mm and above have reduced shank of 13mm, commonly known as “Blacksmith Drills”.

Drill Selection

Long & Extra Long HSS drills, Stubby & Double Ended HSS Drills, Jobber / Rolled, HSS Drill Sets, Morse Taper Shank Drills, HSS Cobalt Drills.

LDX Metal Cutter, Rotabor Cutters, Magnetic Drills, HSS Countersinks, Cobalt Countersinks, Cone Drills, Step Drills, Combination Drill / Taps, Tap Wrenches, Hand Taps, Machine Taps, Tap & Die Sets.