Masonry/Wood Drill

Mansonry & Wood Drills


4 drilling points for optimal spoil removal and special anti-friction coating from RECA for greater drilling speed results in 25% more impact per drill. Innovative drill head manufactured from hardened tungsten carbide with unique design geometry. Aggressive and fast even in the hardest material, including reinforcing. Practical technology for professionals.

RECA x-tron Hammer Drill

RECA x-tron are equipped with the modern, heavy-duty KVS-flute with core reinforcement which allows maximum power transmission and ensures resistance to extreme torsional strains. This construction substantially reduces the level of vibration and noise emission, thus relieving the strain on the user and power tool.

Drill selection

RECA ULTRA SDS Plus Drill, RECA x-tron Hammer Drill - SDS Plus & SDS Max Systems, RECA SDS Max mega-tron III, RECA Chisels, RECA Percussion Drills, RECA Unicon Masonry Drills, Lightweight Core Drills, RECA Hammer Core Drills, Heavy Duty Core Drills, Dry Diamond Core Drills, High Speed Bi-Metal Holesaws, Wood & Auger Bits.