VISO & Hand Tools

VISO & Hand Tools

RECA VISO Assortments

Provides a perfect solution for your stock control requirements; either on site or in the workshop.

Assortments available: Machine Screws, Heaxagon Head Screws, Sebs. Allen Cap Screws, Self Tapping Screws, Chipboard Screws, Hexagon Nuts, Flat Washers, Penny Washers, Nyloc Nuts, HSS Drill Bits, HSS Rolled Drill Bits, Blind Rivets plus a combined Nut, Flat Washer and Spring Washer Assortment.

Also available: VISO Storage Cabinets, VISO Individual Empty Trays with different size compartments & RECA Work Bag.

RECA Power Bits

RECA Power Bits make every job quick and accurate. The DIN and ISO numbers are exact to that of the screw head which guarantees precision and an optimum fit. The bits are made from quality materials which give an overall longer tool life.

Also available

RECA Dyna Torsion Bits, RECA Dura Diamond Bits, RECA EVO Torx Bits, RECA Power Bit Assortments, RECA INOX Bits, Bit Holders, Drill Chucks, Key Chucks & Adaptors.

RECA Pliers

RECA Quintus Pliers: 5-in-1 multipurpose pliers for cutting, holding, stripping, crimping & squeezing.

RECA Combination Pliers: Ideal for applications when holding and cutting a piece of material is required while working. A range of sizes for most   applications. An essential piece of every tool kit.

Also available are RECA Diagonal Cutters, RECA Flat Nose Pliers, RECA Round Nose Pliers, RECA Cable Shears, RECA Plastic Cable Tie Cutters, RECA Wire Strippers, RECA Water Pump Pliers & RECA Plier Sets.

RECA Socket Sets

RECA 1/2” Socket 26pc Set: 6 Point rounded profile, made from Chrome Vanadium Steel, smooth 72 teeth ratchet - 5° movement and comes complete in metal case with foam insert.

RECA 4-in-1 Power System 17pc Socket Set: 1 tool for 4 drive types. Multiple system for metric, imperial, external torx & multi spline heads. The torque from ratchet lever & socket is 60% greater than DIN3124 3/8” socket systems. Smooth 72 teeth ratchet give 5° movement, ideal for confined spaces. Comes complete in metal case with foam insert to hold contents.

Also available

RECA Spanner Sets, RECA Ring Ratchet Sets, RECA Varius Spanners, RECA Impact Sockets, RECA Screwdrivers, RECA Hex Key Sets, RECA Adjustable Wrenches, RECA Welding Clamps, Solo Clamps, RECA Hacksaws & Blades, Trimming Knives & Blades & RECA Tape Measures