RECA-UK Company History

Originally formed in 1969 as Structural Fastenings Company Ltd. During the 1980's the Structural Fastening Group formed Anchorfast through a number of acquisitions of independent fixing companies, selling consumables to the wood and window trades.

By 1989 Anchorfast had 8 regional branches throughout the UK, at this time Monks & Crane purchased the company and added a number of small distributors to the Anchorfast branch network.

In 1990 Wurth GmbH & Co.KG acquired Monks & Crane, where Anchorfast continued to trade as a division of Monks & Crane until 1994 when, following the closure of the branches, Anchorfast became an independent company and was moved to the RECA Group, being a part of the Wurth Group.

Since 1994 Anchorfast has operated from its distribution centre in West Bromwich and has focused on selling RECA products and other industrial conusmables direct to the professional end user through our nationwide sales force which now stands at over 80 reps.


  • In January 2011 Anchorfast officially became RECA-UK Ltd.
  • In 2014 RECA-UK proudly celebrated 20 years of serving the UK.
  • In 2019 RECA-UK proudly celebrated 25 years of serving the UK