RECA iStorage

RECA iSTORAGE – 24/7 vending machine solution

The solution with “around-the-clock” access

With RECA iSTROAGE we provide you a full automated goods flow, the ideal storage for high-class tools and consumables, adjusted to your work situation.

That’s how easy it is:

1.    Login (3 different access types available: via Barcode,
       via RFID eg. Card, via PIN)
2.    Take your product
3.    Re-order will be generated automatically

Why is our innovative RECA iSTORAGE Solution ideal for you?

Your employees have access to tools, consumables and more anytime of the day –you can track who took what and when. Our iSTORAGE system automates your material supply and leads to a reduction of sourcing- and logistic- costs.
You will have a higher availability of goods and reduce the shrinking esp. of high value products.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Individual adjusted on your needs (5 different vending variations available)
  • Flexible assortment of goods
  • Highest process transparency
  • Access secured storage
  • Automated ordering
  • Cost overview