RECA KANBAN – for your production line

Choosing systems and quantities based on partnership

Whether intended for a central warehouse solution or assembly supply, the RECA KANBAN two- (or multiple-) bin system can be perfectly adapted to your operational conditions, the individual space and work situation and is furthermore adaptable to a wide product range.

Reliable, high availability and more space for your production

Together with you, we will find the ideal shelf solution for your building. We take care of the labelling of the KANBAN bins.

KANBAN-System with RECA-UK at a glance:

  • Two- or multiple-bin system
  • Regular scanning of empty bins at each KANBAN location
  • Automatic data transmission (ordering)
  • Consignment of goods from the central RECA warehouse
  • Incoming goods inspection by RECA-UK
  • Re-filling of KANBAN bins directly at the storage location